Applying Eyeshadow With Shades From Lime Crime

If you’re looking for a way to make the eyes stand out, then consider wearing eyeshadow. There are a few basics that you should know about before applying this kind of makeup. Lime Crime has several colors to choose from that will brighten the eyes, such as green, blue and brighter shades of pink. When you wear colors that you enjoy and that are unique, then you’ll often find that you feel better about yourself.


As with the beautiful colors that Lime Crime offers on in the way of eyeshadow, you should use one that blends well with the clothing that you’re wearing.  Lime Crime has colors that are subtle along with the brighter shades that make you feel like a unicorn in the room.

Before applying eyeshadow, you should learn about the different areas of the eyelid as well as the various brushes that are used in applying the makeup. Larger brushes offer more coverage while the smaller brushes can pack on more eyeshadow in creases. There are creams that work well as a base for powders and loose eyeshadows that offer the most color while on the eyelid. Pressed powders are the most common as they last longer and give the most color.  This will help to keep the makeup in place and make it easier to remove when you wash the face.  For more news and updated info, check out their social media, including the Lime Crime Twitter, and Tumblr pages.  Or the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere has even more.

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  1. You should also think about where you’re going to wear the eyeshadow as you don’t want to wear a bright color to a business meeting. One of the things that you don’t want to forget when applying eyeshadow is the primer. It is so invaluable for them to organize whatever they need for review and make is so simple for them to get whatever they’d like to to work.

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