The Natural Beauty Of EOS

Lip balm products have been the same for many years. When you seen someone pull out their lip balm, you probably had the same one laying around somewhere. A boring, cylinder tube with an active ingredients list and no flavor. Check out more info,


EOS, known as the Evolution Of Smooth came to the lip product aisle in many stores to change that. With fun colors and many flavors, this product will make keeping your lips soft and healthy less of a chore. EOS lip balm has a natural ingredients that doesn’t take up half of the container. These products are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.


EOS also has a user friendly container. It’s soft to the touch and each color has a different flavor. The sides of the container has curves on it so it is easy to hold. It is also in the shape of a sphere instead of the typical cylinder.


Once EOS launched to the lip balm market, many people went to buy it. Costing about as much as the other brands, it won’t brake the bank and it is easy to find at many stores. You may also notice that many famous people such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift enjoy using this product as well.


With the popularity EOS gained, they decided to launch some of their products containing shine to it and some with SPF. They also created a small skin care line with natural ingredients. These products don’t come in many flavors right now, however they still have a couple of different ones to pick from. Follow to this site.


The younger generation is becoming more nature friendly and avoiding things that they can’t pronounce on ingredient lists. The need for a different lip balm was also in demand. EOS listened to the call for a more natural lip balm product and answered with these tasty flavored spheres.


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