Everything you need to know about End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political organization that was formed in 1st March 2015 with funding from grassroots donors. Their primary goal is to counter the effects of Citizens United and help transform the campaign finance system in the country. To show candidates, elected officials, the press, and voters how grassroots is fighting the increasing trend of rich people buying their way to power during elections. Their endeavors are essential to establishing a broad coalition in creating campaign reforms and ensuring lawmakers take action.


End Citizens United Mission


As said earlier, their main goal is to counter big money in politics and end the rigged system by electing finance reform activists and coming up with state ballot laws. The chosen individuals will try overturning Citizens United by putting an end to the billionaires who buy their way to power and dark money.


They achieve the mission by


  • Electing people who agree with the reforms


  • Raising the issue of the rigged system and abundant money politics as the number one priority


  • Having grassroots members to demonstrate because of the big money and power in the political system


How they raised four million dollars


Despite being against big money in politics, End Citizens United group is also raising money for the course. According to USA TODAY, they raised more than $4 million three months after they started. They hope to raise $35 million before the midterm Congress elections in 2018. This amount is almost the same with twenty-five million dollars that PAC used in 2016, the first election cycle operating. The PAC president Tiffany Muller said that more than one hundred thousand people were the contributors to PAC during the first four months of the year. Out of those, 40000 were first timers. The objective of the group is to take “campaign-finance reform champions” to Congress. He added that the average contribution to PAC in 2017 is $12. The contributors to the group feel that the system is against them, and only rich people have the biggest influence. Supporting the group is a way of fighting back.


End Citizens United supporting Democrats


The group supports Democrats in the main races that are for reforms in the campaign finance system. The individuals who will help change the Citizens United. Mostly it is people attacked by mega-donors, wealthy corporates, and dark money groups. The reason the group supports Democrats is that they believe they can bring a meaningful change in leadership. Although there are Republicans who support the course, the Republicans in Congress are standing in the way of these reforms.


In conclusion, End Citizens United group believe the broken system has to end. Candidates who are interested in this can always contact them for more information.