Karl Heideck Analyzes New Salary History Law

Philadelphia is the first city in the United States to pass a law that prohibits employers from asking employees to disclose their salary history. The law came to effect early 2017. However, a week before the laws passed, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia which was opposed to the legislation brought various obstacles in an attempt to stall the process. They argued that the legislation was unconstitutional. However, despite their objection, the legislation passed after a concerted effort by the parties which were in support to explain the law. So what was the law all about? Were those objecting basing their argument on any applicable law? Karl Heideck, a corporate lawyer in Philadelphia, explains this case.

According to an organization known as Society for Human Resource Management, the law was going to address some of the issues that bring differences between male and female wages in the state of Pennsylvania. The legislation incorporated in the laws required employers be barred from independently accessing the salary data of an employee, without the knowledge or consent of the employee. The legislation also required employers to be denied access to an applicant’s previous salaries. It went ahead to state that the applicant should not be required to provide salaries’ history so that she could be given a job. The legislation also wanted to make it illegal for employers to punish employees for refusing to disclose their salaries’ history.

According to the law, anyone transacting his or her businesses was barred by this law. It is therefore clear that this law has the capability of affecting people who do not live in the city but who have business in the city. Any entity that violates this law is to be charged $2,000 for every instance.

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