Stem Cell Therapy Offers A New Therapeutic Option For Individuals With COPD

With stem cell therapy for respiratory illnesses, a person’s own stem cells repair the damaged tissue in their lungs. For people with chronic lung diseases, stem cell therapy is a new therapeutic option that has alleviated the symptoms over 70 percent of the patients at the Lung Institute. While stem cell therapy is available at several clinics in the U.S. and Mexico, the Lung Institute encourages people to talk to their doctor about stem cell therapy, which few clinics do. In addition, the Lung Institute’s specially trained physicians and physician’s assistants have done more than 3,000 stem cell procedures since 2013, reveals

Stem cell therapy uses a regenerative medical approach that promotes natural healing, however, it is not guaranteed to work. While most patients see improvement in their breathing and stamina levels, individuals will have different responses to the treatment. The Lung Institute evaluates individuals who are interested in pursuing stem cell therapy at one of their five nationwide clinics; however, they will conduct the free evaluation over the phone if necessary to see if a person is a good candidate for the outpatient procedure. As people with chronic lung diseases read stories about how stem cell therapy changed people’s lives for the better, the Lung Institute is receiving an increasing number of inquiries.

Gripping testimonials ( from Lung Institute patients who underwent stem cell therapy underscore how difficult everyday activities are with a chronic lung disease. Joseph O.’s pulmonary fibrosis kept him from standing long enough to brush his teeth, but now, his stamina is back. Ronnie G’s COPD ( and emphysema was so bad that he was considering a lung transplant, however, he decided to try stem cell therapy first, which is continuing to make him feel better and he breathes easier now.

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Integrates Fun and Entertainment to its Menu

Entrepreneur Robert Santiago owns Manaira Shopping, a prominent mall in Joao Pessoa. Robert designed the mall to ensure that customer’ needs are satisfied. The mall has repeatedly tried to offer comfort, fun, and entertainment to its customers. Additionally, it is popular for being hospitable.

Categories of Entertainment

Manaira Shopping has 11 rooms that have updated display devices. It also has a Stadium System, 3D room, and VIP rooms. Further, bowling at the mall is interesting, since the slopes are electronic and up-to-date. For customers who prefer electronic game machines, Manaira offers over 200 games that suit all ages and tastes. Additionally, the mall has ballrooms, gyms for the enjoyment of the customers. Manaira Shopping also has branches of universities in the vicinity as well as a house of shows. Read more articles on Roberto’s Blogspot.

The Gourmet Space

Manaira Shopping is the home for fast foods and other meals. The mall has a Gourmet Space that allows families and friends enjoy their moment of tranquility while sharing meals. The Gourmet Space offers delicious hamburger and steak meals. Additionally, Manaira Shopping has a full food court that is capable of satisfying diverse food tastes.

The Domus Hall Show at Manaira Shopping

The Domus Hall at Manaira Shopping is one of the largest concert halls in Joao Pessoa. In November 2016, it celebrated seven years, since it was established. The Domus Hall is a show house that has modern and air-conditioned structures, which feature current insulation and sound equipment. The hall resembles a giant nightclub or a grand theater. Furthermore, Domus Hall hosts around four thousand seated guests. It has two floors for partying purposes. For instance, the mezzanine floor features individual and private cabins for lounge music. On the other hand, the ground floor features house tables and chairs for events. In conclusion, the hall is also available for weddings, stand-ups, graduations, private events and fairs.

Robert Santiago

Successful entrepreneur Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian who owns the reputable Manaira Shopping mall. He also owns Mangeira Shopping mall. Earlier, Robert began his career at the Café Santa Rosa. Later, he invested in his cartonage firm, which uses techniques to develop decorative and utilitarian items.

Robert studied at the Pio X Marist College. Later, he undertook his Business Administration Studies at the University of Joao Pessoa. Further, after working in his cartonage company, Robert joined the allotment area to gain relevant skills in the field. Robert loves sports; he has collected several trophies in kart and motocross championship. View more on Polemica Paraiba

Lime Crime: Innovator, Visionary, Expression

If you were to sit and think about cosmetics, which brands would immediately come to mind? Most likely brands such as Maybelline, L’Oréal, Cover Girl, or MAC would come to mind. These are very popular and they have been around for many years, but there is one brand that is reshaping the industry for the better. Lime Crime is it’s name and make up is it’s game. Founded by stylist Doe Deere, this brand has quickly become a fan favorite as well as a cult favorite. No other make up brand has caused such a stir and this comes from the wide array of benefits that it actually possesses.

The Velvetine Collection is simply amazing thanks to it’s liquid matte finish and wide variety of colors such as rustic, rose red, posh, eclipse, raisin hell, and others. These richly colored hues are creating rave reviews and they are thrusting the brand to new levels. The all new “Scandal” lipstick is causing plenty of drama from it’s release and if you want to truly make a statement, this lip stick is for you. It’s deep purple colored hue is of another world as there is nothing on the market today that can match it’s effect. Scandal oozes sex appeal, demands attention, and creates drama much more so than any other product on the market. Check out the benefits below:

• Paraben Free
• 95% Organic
• Long Lasting Effects
• Touch Proof
• Kiss Proof
• And many more

Just like all the other products from Lime Crime, Scandal is vegan and animal cruelty free. This cult-classic-line of cosmetics is changing the game like none other and it’s unapologetically attitude is just what the public’s been wanting. Lime Crime has sealed the deal as one of the industries powerhouses and Doe Deere has a firm grip of things to come.

Favorable Report Of Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain Water Supply

The upper mountain region of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been under water restriction since early November when the maintenance staff doing routine testing found the upper mountain system tested positive for E. coli and coliform bacteria.


Placer County Department of Environmental Health had been notified immediately and has been working in conjunction with Squaw Valley to resolve the contamination factor. Squaw Valley representatives recently released a statement (which can be found here) of events leading up to the incident and the latest water readings from all four wells in the upper mountain area.


According to Squaw Valley, there was a new water system installed on the upper mountain right before a big rain storm at the end of October that brought a deluge of water into the new system and contaminated the wells. Squaw Valley’s fast notification and treatment of the water issue resulted in minimal damage to the system.


Three out of four of the wells report no E. coli and low levels of coliform bacteria present. Squaw Valley also has stated that none of the water from these wells was ever offered for human consumption. The upper mountain restaurants will remain closed until all reports come back negative for any contaminates. Patrons that visit the upper mountain area are offered bottled water and restroom facilities are open for use.


Squaw Valley Ski Resort is dedicated to fixing the water issues and will continue to work with Placer County in the treatment of the water. Squaw Valley will notify the patrons and the general public when the water issues have been cleared up and facilities are reopened. The upper mountain area is still available for top to bottom skiing.

UKV PLC (A UK-based Wine Company)

UKV PLC is a company that supplies and sells bonded fine wine. This UK-based wine company employs fine wine consultants that will recommend the right type of wine for any event or occasion. This company offers investment grade wine.

UKV PLC carries dozens of several different types of wines. This includes Bordeaux, burgundy, Italian, Spanish, and many delightful champagnes. With so many types to choose from, this consult company offers the best advice and the best options to bring the most appealing options right to the consumer because the company knows its wine as well as it knows its clients!

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UKV PLC has a very wide and prominent social media presence. They are located on several different internet channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn,,,, and more! This is a company that is actively involved in social media and regularly promotes their genuine and honest business to customers, consumers, and clients. A quick search shows that the company is very responsive to clients concerns and messages and provides prompt responses to questions and concerns. This consult company is easy to contact and easy to work with, they are there to offer their expert consultation.

There are many benefits of purchasing wine through UKV PLC. This includes getting expert advice and opinions and dealing with people who are genuinely interested in giving their clients the best wine possible. Wine can be an important asset or an interesting and unique collectible set that represents years that have past or the celebration of things to come. Now is the best time to invest in the wine market because it’s experiencing an increase in demand. UKV PLC can help with the purchase of wine to make an investment that is right for each client; one that is best for their future, and for their pocket!

Dick DeVos: Work History and $139M of Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard DeVos who is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. He was born in the year of 1955. Amway Corporation is well-known for its sales network which distributes products through dealers. The products are related to health, household, and personal care. Dick DeVos joined his father’s business in 1974. In 1984, he was promoted to Vice President. His responsibilities included Amway’s operations in eighteen countries. He decided to found another company in 1989 which was named The Windquest Group. The company mainly marketed and manufactured storage and closet organizers. In 1991, the DeVos family decided to buy the franchise of Orlando Magic Basketball team. Dick was given the task to manage it. In 1993, he returned to Amway Corporation as its President. In 2000, he decided to restructure the company and formed Alticor Corporation which was an umbrella firm consisting of Amway Corporation, Quixtar Corporation, and Access Business Group. In 2002, he left Alticor and completely focus on Windquest Group.


Dick DeVos has a long track record of Philanthropy. During his lifetime, he and his wife have donated up to one-hundred-and-thirty-nine million dollars to different causes and institutions. The couple donates through their family foundation known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. In the year 2015, they donated more than eleven million dollars which were double than the amount used for Betsy’s political campaign during last five years. The family enjoys the twenty-fourth spot on Forbes list of “America’s Top Givers.” The family’s lifetime donations are more than one billion dollars which are one-fourth of their total fortune. The main priority of Dick DeVos for donations is education sector. He donated more than three million dollars to educational causes in 2015. The amount was a quarter of his total donations for that year.


He donated three-hundred-and-fifty-seven thousand dollars to various groups that work for reforms in education. It shows how much Dick DeVos cares about improving the education sector. While talking to MLive, Dick said that he believes the current education system is not fulfilling the badly needed American dream. It is increasing the problem of civil rights. Kids that grow up in different places of the country do not have access to the same level of education which is necessary for the American dream. The country has many wonderful teachers and great administrator who work very hard. However, a better system could help those educators to work more effectively which every child in the US needs. The beneficiaries of Dick DeVos’s donations include various educational institutions. Compass College of Cinematic Arts received fifty thousand dollars. Ferris State University received hundred thousand dollars. Detroit Charter School Company received twenty-five thousand dollars. Northwood University received two-hundred thousand dollars. Potter’s House received three-hundred thousand dollars, and many other institutions received thousands of dollars.


2016’s Williamson County Growth Summit Covers Transit Challenges in Austin’s Suburbs

2016’s Williamson County Growth Summit was different as compared to the previous ones held. While the norm of the previous summits was discussing transit issues revolving around the Austin area alone, the 2016 summit set the stage to address the needs and transportation hindrances of the region’s suburban communities.


In attendance was a panel of transportation stakeholders, they included Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA); Leandre Johns of Uber Technologies; Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign; and RideScout LLC’s Joseph Kopser. The agenda of their discussion focused on how technology was changing the transportation sector not only across the world but also in the Austin Region.


Mr. Heiligenstein acknowledged that new technologies (like ridesharing software applications and driverless cars) could drastically change the transportation infrastructure. He, however, said that the Austin area needed to dedicate its resources toward increasing its transportation capacity. Specifically, he highlighted that building more hi-tech roads would be the best response to meeting the region’s increasing mobility demands.


Policy Preparation for the Future


The panel moderator inquired on the steps required by policymakers toward the preparation of future transportation needs. Mr. McGraw, the Mayor of Round Rock, responded by first commending Williamson County for their past decade of infrastructure development. He, furthermore, pointed out that the county’s population will continue to increase and urged the responsible stakeholders to invest in transport infrastructure and capacity. Citing the remaining corridors in the county, Mr. McGraw insisted they ought to be made more efficient and technologically inclined.


Mr. Ficklin also responded to the question by the panel coordinator, emphasizing that land-use and construction codes needed to remain flexible. Mr. Ficklin gave an in-depth view of what the parking structures of the future would look like, citing that future parking garages will have multiple levels each exactly five feet tall just an inch taller when compared to cars. The levels will also be equipped with charging stations. He emphasized that the expected future adjustments marry with none of the current building specifications.


Uber’s Leandre Johns identified that people commuting within Austin region needed first mile solutions to get them onto public transit and last mile solutions to get them off. He argued that ridesharing companies satisfy this niche.


Mike Heiligenstein and the CTRMA


Mike Heiligenstein is CTRMA’s Executive Director. Mr. Heiligenstein has worked with the company since its inception in 2002. He has overseen a variety of projects including the 183A in Williamson County which involved the transition to an all-electronic toll transaction system.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent government agency. The company’s mission is to make multi-modal and innovative transport solutions a reality. This helps improve transportation in the Austin region by expanding transportation choices and reducing congestion.

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Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation This Year

With the advent of the Internet and the extreme growth of social media usage, it is no wonder that employers and universities are now looking into your personal life before contacting you or accepting you as a potential candidate. Knowing how to manage your online reputation is essential, and will ultimately come in handy whenever you are in a professional position. Implementing a few tactics this year will help to improve your online reputation regardless of your plans for the future.

Clean Up Your Social Media

Cleaning up your social media is one of the most prevalent ways to steer clear of professional rejection and judgment. Going through posts that may be racy or controversial and removing or ridding them from your page for viewing is a way to avoid an unpleasant situation in any case.

Use Privacy Settings

Utilizing privacy settings with your social media account can help you with your ability to share what you feel without the risk of the public viewing it as well. There have been many documented cases of individuals getting harassed, shamed, fired, and humiliated due to posts that were created for public view, rather than privately.

Google Yourself

Googling yourself is another major way to help improve your online reputation this year. When Googling your name, you are able to see any reviews or content that has been posted by you within a few seconds. Many employers and those in professional settings Google potential candidates prior to interviews and during the hiring process. Additionally, any negative content of you online puts you at risk for a public outcry which has happened in the past. Contact Google if you have negative links with your name that may be defamation to remove them from the search engine altogether, cleaning up your reputation one link at a time.

The more you know about managing your online reputation, the easier it is to maintain a positive persona in any instance. Taking the time to clean up content with your name attached online is a way to ensure you are not stuck in a rut down the line in the future.


Dick DeVos Businessman, Philanthropist and Political Activist.

Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr., was born Oct 21, 1955 in Grands Rapids Michigan. His mother and father were Helene June (Van Wesep) and Richard Marvin DeVos. Dick DeVos is an Entrepreneur and Businessman who became involved in the family business as a young child with his brother when they were often designated by their father to greet guest and act as mini-host at Amway conventions. Even as a young child DeVos was being reared to become involved in the Amway business. DeVos attended Northwood University and received a bachelor’s in Business Administration.


He also attended Harvard Business School and the Wharton school’s Executive Study Programs. He received honorary doctorates from Grove City College, Central Michigan and Northwood University. Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos who is the designee for secretary of education for President-elect Donald Trump and former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. In 1974 Dick DeVos began working for the Amway corporation, a company that he had been indoctrinated into by his father. While working there he held positions in research and development, sales, marketing, finance, and manufacturing.


He later became a vice president at Amway in 1984 assuming responsibility for operations in 18 countries. While serving as vice president he tripled foreign sales exceeding domestic sales for the first time in Amway’s history. DeVos also became vice president of foreign operations in 1986, significantly increasing annual sales outside the U.S., during the six years that he held the position. Dick DeVos became part owner of the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic in 2005, when his father decided to split ownership of the franchise he acquired in 1991 to his children.


DeVos succeeded his father as President at Amway leaving his position of President and CEO of Orlando Magic in January 1993. The firm was able to expand its operation to more than 50 countries and territories on six continents under the leadership of Dick DeVos. In 2000 parent company Alticor was created, a predecessor of Amway and other subsidiary companies. August 2002, DeVos retired as president of Alticor and later returned as President of The Windquest Group a privately held investment management firm. Dick DeVos has also been involved in politics being elected to the Michigan Board of Education in 1990 resigning 2 years into his 8 year term to return as CEO of Amway.


Dick DeVos was also appointed to the Grand Valley State University Board of Control by Governor John Engler in 1996. In 1993 DeVos and his wife became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund and in 2000 DeVos was co-chairman of the “Kids First! Yes!” campaign committee. Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. would later run for Governor of Michigan against opponent Jennifer Granholm. The Dick and Betsy Foundation has supported a variety of causes donating thousands of dollars to various foundations and organizations.

Town Residential Expands

Town Residential has been very successful. They have been more successful in just three years than some companies have been in many years on the real estate scene in New York City. This is due mostly to the fact that Town Residential works hard and never gives up. They know the value in the customer service portion of their business and this is something that they have been able to do a lot of since they first got started. It has given them the chance to make things better for their business so that they can continue to grow.


When it comes to the residential portion of Town Residential, they have been able to provide their clients with a high level of quality. They want to make sure that their clients are happy with what they have and for that reason, they make sure that all of their homes are high quality. They also work to make sure that they are giving everyone the best opportunity within the business so that they can get the home that they need. It is important to Town Residential that they have luxury apartments and luxury living options throughout the city.


Clients with Town Residential are happier than clients who use other real estate agencies. Town Residential knows how to treat their clients and they know what they can do for them to make things work better. They rely on customer service to run their business so that they can make their clients happy. They know that without customer service, their clients would not keep returning to them. This is important to them because it is the way that they are able to be successful and to continue to make a lot of money for the business that they have.


Ten offices is a lot in New York City. Most real estate companies struggle with one office especially in the short time that Town has been operating. They, though, have worked hard and succeeded. Their tenth office was one of the biggest milestones that they have had and it is something that they have worked hard for. They are very successful right now but they do not want to stop the success with what they have done in the past. They want to make sure that they are doing the most for the business that they have and they plan to grow even more in the years to come.


One of the ways that they are growing is that they are branching out their business. Instead of offering only residential real estate opportunities, they are now moving into commercial real estate. While they already do a lot of work with different developers in the areas that they are in, they plan to do even more in the land development in the future. They think that this is the right way for their business to go to ensure high levels of success and to be able to make more money and make their business better for clients.