Stem Cell Therapy Offers A New Therapeutic Option For Individuals With COPD

With stem cell therapy for respiratory illnesses, a person’s own stem cells repair the damaged tissue in their lungs. For people with chronic lung diseases, stem cell therapy is a new therapeutic option that has alleviated the symptoms over 70 percent of the patients at the Lung Institute. While stem cell therapy is available at several clinics in the U.S. and Mexico, the Lung Institute encourages people to talk to their doctor about stem cell therapy, which few clinics do. In addition, the Lung Institute’s specially trained physicians and physician’s assistants have done more than 3,000 stem cell procedures since 2013, reveals

Stem cell therapy uses a regenerative medical approach that promotes natural healing, however, it is not guaranteed to work. While most patients see improvement in their breathing and stamina levels, individuals will have different responses to the treatment. The Lung Institute evaluates individuals who are interested in pursuing stem cell therapy at one of their five nationwide clinics; however, they will conduct the free evaluation over the phone if necessary to see if a person is a good candidate for the outpatient procedure. As people with chronic lung diseases read stories about how stem cell therapy changed people’s lives for the better, the Lung Institute is receiving an increasing number of inquiries.

Gripping testimonials ( from Lung Institute patients who underwent stem cell therapy underscore how difficult everyday activities are with a chronic lung disease. Joseph O.’s pulmonary fibrosis kept him from standing long enough to brush his teeth, but now, his stamina is back. Ronnie G’s COPD ( and emphysema was so bad that he was considering a lung transplant, however, he decided to try stem cell therapy first, which is continuing to make him feel better and he breathes easier now.

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