Trying an EOS Multipack

All too often, I find myself continually trying the same flavor of EOS lip balm time and time again. I continually pick up Sweet Mint and don’t even try their other flavors. While I have resigned myself to being a lifelong customer of EOS due to the superior quality of their products, that won’t prevent me from trying other options. So I decided to pick up their multi-pack and sample some of their other flavor options. Refer to for more details.

This multi-pack had several flavors including Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew Smooth Spheres and Vanilla Bean. All but the last was in their sphere like applicators. Other than the sweet mint flavor that I know and love, the other flavors were all new to me.

Honeysuckle honeydew had a slight melon flavor, but was not overpowering in any shape and was a pleasant application that went on smooth and was very refreshing. Summer fruit had a more powerful and very enjoyable flavor, of which the blueberry flavor stood out as a real winner. Summer fruit had hints of strawberry and peach as well. Vanilla bean was pure vanilla and unlike the vanilla mint flavor that they sell. See to learn more.

All were enjoyable and worth trying. Because EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balms, they were pleasant to apply and provided a nice enjoyable application without the hint of an artificial flavor. Further, the use of jojoba and coconut oils in their lip balms make EOS’ lip balms last better and help to protect your lips from the elements in a manner much superior to the product offerings from their competitors.

Would highly recommend EOS lip balms and all of these flavors, though which you select for yourself will rely on your taste preferences. For me, I am sticking with sweet mint but am happy that I have some flavors that I can alternate with when I want something new.

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