Whitney Wolfe: The Founder Of The Bumble Online App

The notion that men are the only ones who are allowed to make the first move in the dating world is changing. Tinder Co-founder Whitney Wolfe is now the driving force of another dating app called Bumble that allows women to be aggressive in the online dating world.

The online entrepreneur started Bumble after she quit Tinder and sued her former co-founder for sexual harassment. She allegedly got one million dollars plus company stock for her settlement. On the online dating site, it’s the girl who makes the first move. Once the match has been made, the lady messages the guy typically within a day. If you fail to do this, the match will automatically disappear forever. The conversations on the app are moderated and aggressive men who pressure the girls are turned off. Bumble is certainly doing well and currently; it has more than 10 million users.

Whitney Wolfe has confessed severally that when she first started Bumble people were a little apprehensive that the app will not work. This is because most of these people believed that girls could never make the initial move. Since she believed in herself, she kept on pressing until it became successful. This is the same spirit that she hopes other women should have in life. The point of Bumble is to allow the woman to make the initial approach, in turn, this makes most men feel flattered and even if he is eventually rejected, the aggression becomes less.

The free online dating app even has a pop-up location in Soho, New York. The space is expected to develop further as a dating site or simply space where people using Bumble can just socialize. In addition to this, space will also be used for holding various events which will focus on relationships and entrepreneurship.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University. The 27-year-old is one of the new entrants in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Prior to starting Bumble, Whitney had co-founded Tinder with Justin Mateen. Bumble has a business section called BumbleBIZZ which assists people in business networking. After she had left Tinder, Whitney had intended to start another online forum called Merci. The app was aimed at encouraging young girls to socialize by sharing photos and conversing. However, Andrey Andreev who is her current partner encouraged her to work on her idea of the online dating site. Andreev is also the CEO of Badoo which is another leading social networking site with users from all over the world.